3 Ways Wilderness Experiences Help Promote Visionary Thinking

The wilderness is an ideal environment for fostering visionary leadership because it is wild and unpredictable. It constantly creates “need to know” situations where one has to sort out the difference between an “okay idea worth trying”, versus “the right thing to do… the thing that we must do, right now.”


Outdoor ministry can help people who may need to come to a place where they can live life with dignity again, have the life skills to find a well-paying job, or get the healing and biblical counseling they need to forgive and move on from the wounds of broken relationships and families.

The 10 Tent Stakes of Our Worldview | Lessons from the Wilderness

I love opening up the door to my tent in the early hours of the morning after a good night sleep. As I unzip the door, who knows what I will see: A stunning sunrise, an unsuspecting moose just minding his own business in the marsh below my camp, or a thick fog hanging over the valley below as I peer out from the vista of my alpine bivvy. Like the view from my tent, I also wake up each day with a view of the world that is based upon my knowledge, beliefs, and experiences.

4 Ways Time Outdoors Can Expose the Worldview of Jesus

Ironically, Albert Einstein wrote: “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” Jesus artfully poured a solid foundation for his disciples to build his church upon. And he often taught & modeled his worldview in the outdoors.