Creating Space for God to Fill You through Wilderness Time

God has used the wilderness as a special place for transformation through the ages by providing his people with “dry space”, where distractions are removed, and margin is created in the soil of people’s hearts to drink in and soak up his words.

3 Ways that Solitude in Creation Helps You Hear God Speak

Solitude with God in Tasmania - Ashley Denton

We want to hear God speak to us. We daily need his guidance. Yet, the clutter, busyness, and noise of life at times makes us feel like God’s still small voice is being drowned out. Do you ever freak out a bit and say to yourself something like, “I don’t care what anyone else has to say, I just want to hear what God has to say about this situation.” Well, if you have ever reached that place, then you are welcome member of the human race.

Taking Care of Your Soul to Know Jesus Deeper

photo by Adam Lum

It may seem like the right thing to do to take care of others’ souls at the expense of our own soul, but this is not the pattern we see in Scripture. God’s design is that you first tend to your own soul’s thirst for him. Then you can attend to the needs of others with much more grace.

Is it the Experience that Makes Us Stronger? Or is it God?

The next time you find you are in the middle of an epic challenge, whether you are succeeding or failing, stop and recognize what is going on… God is using that experience to show you a window into your soul.

Hosea’s Wilderness Wisdom: 4 Ways a Walk & Talk w/ Jesus Unlocks Troubled Communication w/God

“… and speak tenderly to her…” Hosea reminds God’s people that we have a communication problem. Communication is one of the top shelf needs for all people, and when we can’t communicate we implode.


I was headed to Crested Butte, CO for an epic fly fishing trip. I was reluctant to go with a guide because I thought I should just figure it out myself. How vain and foolish that thinking was. As I look back on my decision to ignore my pride and partner up with a professional guide, I realize now that humility has some great rewards.


My recent trip to the San Juan Islands north of Seattle causes me to consider how to resist the rising tide of excuses in my life. How do we apply the adage “just do it” to our journey as a follower of Jesus? Outdoor recreation helps us break the habit of making excuses.