Tips for How to Facilitate Experiential Learning in Outdoor Ministry

Leading others toward personal transformation requires thoughtful facilitation. And facilitation is a learned art. Implementing your desired outcomes and aims requires thinking about how you will facilitate the learning process. It’s one thing to recognize a teachable moment when it occurs, and it’s another thing to make it easy for people to grasp the meaning […]

Outdoor Ministry in Latin America

For several years we’ve been praying for the right timing and a good open door for Wilderness Ministry Institute to begin investing in young leaders in Latin and South America.  This year we finally saw an opening to pursue in Costa Rica. Christian Camping International (CCI) has been developing a vibrant network of over 200 […]

Outdoor Ministry Start Up Kit | Outdoor Ministry Curriculum

map and compass

Wondering how to start up an outdoor ministry? Here is some outdoor ministry curriculum that that may help: Outdoor Ministry Start Up Kit.