The author of Hebrews highlights Abraham’s Tent-like faith… Like the pioneers who traveled out West, Abraham set out on a long journey not really knowing where he was going, living in tents with his extended family, believing that in obedience to God’s call there would be reward beyond measure.

5 Ways the Bible Promotes a Lifestyle of Outdoor Adventure

Whether you are able-bodied, illiterate, blind, deaf, or mute… everyone can experience the awe-inspiring aspects of God’s intelligent design in His Creation. My story begins with growing up in the mountains of Colorado roaming the forest at age five and going on multi-day backpacking trips at age 12.

“Casual” Can Lead to Catastrophe Outdoors | Outdoor Leadership Skills

Talk about a crucial lesson in outdoor leadership skills. Our casual approach and over-confidence for a benign sounding excursion combined to get us into real trouble. Lesson learned. Pride swallowed.

How Outdoor Orientation Programs Prepare Students for College

The summer before I started college, I experienced a life-changing outdoor orientation program at Young Life’s Beyond Malibu in Canada. That intense time in the wilderness prepared me for the major transition to college life.

Outdoor Ministry Start Up Kit | Outdoor Ministry Curriculum

map and compass

Wondering how to start up an outdoor ministry? Here is some outdoor ministry curriculum that that may help: Outdoor Ministry Start Up Kit.

Mark 2:1-12 | A Humble Door to Experiencing God | Outdoor Bible Study

The people in this story thought the man’s physical ailment was his biggest need, but Jesus did not agree—he saw his need for forgiveness of sins as a much greater need because it has such long-term consequences.

Outdoor Ministry With Nepali Youth

Video by Thomas Haines Outdoor Ministry as a Mission Strategy?  An interview with a catalytic Nepali youthworker on “The Challenges and Opportunities of Youth Work in the Buddhist/ Hindu Religious Context of Nepal” (Hom Tamang is a Nepali youthworker and the director of Nepal Outdoor Adventure (NOA), a micro-enterprise mission project of Wilderness Ministry Institute.  […]

Christian Outdoor Leadership in Italy

A youthworker in Italy, shares how he was greatly “refreshed” by reading the book, Christian Outdoor Leadership….Since the book was written to be a cross-culturally relevant resource, it is great to hear feedback from folks who are doing youth work and wilderness ministry in other parts of the world.

Denver Seminary’s Outdoor Leadership Curriculum | Jim Doenges, SROM

Thanks Jim for your brief and pithy article that makes a strong case for the growing need to train future Christian leaders and pastors to have a more sustainable rhythm to their ministries and better skills at communicating the Gospel through experiential learning techniques like Jesus did.