Coat of Many Feathers | Comfort Zone, Courage, & Outdoor Gear?

Outdoor Gear Can be a Metaphor to Teaches Us to Not Cling to our Comfort Zone: Life is dynamic–it has seasons, and change is unavoidable. In the wilderness you have to know when to use certain gear, and when to move on and reach for another piece of gear that fits the changing terrain or climate.

Why Men’s Ministry Needs Outdoor Adventure? An Inspiring Story

Later that evening, after dinner, I gathered the guys around the campfire on the canyon rim. I played some worship music on my CD player and instructed the guys to get comfortable and contemplate God’s presence as we gazed on the canyon in the setting sun. There’s no way to adequately describe that view at that time of day, brilliant, eye-popping, just awe inspiring!

Job Search Board | Outdoor Ministry & Christian Outdoor Leadership

Looking for a job with an outdoor organization or Christian camp that offers wilderness trips?

You’ve come to the right place. The job search board lists openings that programs from the Recommended Outdoors Program list have available.


Note: If you open a job listing that is from the previous year, you are encouraged to contact the organization anyway because there is often a lag time with updating new job listings. (Updated Sept 20, 2017)



Rockside Ranch: Program Lead


LeaderTreks: Impact Internship


Camp Bighorn: Journey Gap Year Program Facilitator

North Carolina

Black Mountain Expeditions: Black Mountain Expeditions – Various


Peak 7 Adventures: Paddle/Climbing Guide | Rafting/Climbing Guide | Ascent/Climbing Guide | Executive Director 


Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries (SROM)Business Operations Manager  |   Development Manager  |  Graphic Design Manager  |  Videographer/PhotographerWeb Developer


The Life & Adventures of Robinson Crusoe | Adventure Quotes

The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe appeared in 1719. Along with its reflections on morals and affections toward God, possibly its greatest contribution is that it is a fictional tale about a non-fictional truth: that adventure is intrinsically valuable because it teaches people that they are capable of overcoming even the most difficult of circumstances.

What Coaching Basketball Teaches me about Outdoor Ministry Soul Care

It’s easy to talk about generalities with people by encouraging them to “think positively”, or “believe in yourself”, or “overcome your fears”. Those are general things that most people know they “ought” to be doing. But are they game changers? I don’t think so. By contrast, a truly effective spiritual leader will seek to know the person, and their life situation like a coach knows his players and the game they are playing. Then he can offer game changing perspective. Caring for another person’s soul involves giving specific guidance. Much like players on the court battling for the ball against a team that wants to shut them down, in the spiritual journey everyone needs someone to coach them by offering specific words on target to the unique inner-workings of their soul.