Does Jesus Paint in Green? The Aurora Borealis, & Colossians 1:15-20

Instead of watching Bob Ross on PBS paint wilderness landscapes, now I’m watching Jesus paint the skies in green brush strokes with a splash of solar particles hitting the northern pole of our globe!

Do Wilderness Experiences Foster Resilience? | A Lesson from Kiwis

We shouldn’t be surprised by trials, we need to expect them…. And trials can be a catalyst for creativity and ingenuity. The wilderness is a perfect environment for ingenuity and improvisation to occur. When problems arise, natural leaders step up and start to unify the group and offer practical solutions.

Coat of Many Feathers | Comfort Zone, Courage, & Outdoor Gear?

Outdoor Gear Can be a Metaphor to Teaches Us to Not Cling to our Comfort Zone: Life is dynamic–it has seasons, and change is unavoidable. In the wilderness you have to know when to use certain gear, and when to move on and reach for another piece of gear that fits the changing terrain or climate.

Remembering Saint Patrick | Creation Inspires Awe in the Trinity

Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17th) commemorates the day of a legendary leader and missionary to Ireland named Patricius. He poured out his heart for the Irish people from 438AD onward until the day he died. And Celtic Spirituality (which is highly Creation-oriented) today owes its origins to the Biblical teaching and spirituality of Patrick and the first Irish Christian converts.

It’s Only Fun Til Someone Gets Hurt | Leadership & Outdoor Dangers

As backcountry enthusiasts, guides, and spiritual leaders not only are we called to hone our awareness of outdoor dangers, but we are also in a position to help people learn lessons about spiritual realities from the wilderness terrain.

Our Life Is Like Grass | Don’t Spread Yourself Thin (Psalm 103:15-17)

The writers of the Psalms learned so much of their wisdom from going outside and looking at the cycles of nature. Psalm 103:15-17 is about how to not spread yourself thin so you will pass on a legacy.

Every Frodo Needs a Sam | In Memory of Sam Sinclair

Sam has left a legacy of relationships. He somehow learned early on that what matters most in life is relationships. He reminds me of Samwise Gamgee of the Lord of the Rings. He was Frodo’s most loyal friend and encourager. And Frodo could not have carried the burden of his calling without his good friend, Sam’s support. I think many today would say the same thing about Sam Sinclair. He was a loyal companion to so many.