5 Ways Fly Fishing Taught Me How to Successfully Recruit Volunteers

Here are five common “flies” you should always present when you are working to recruit volunteers your team. Chances are they will bite on one of them because their soul is longing for something.

A Friendly (and desperately needed) Outdoor Ministry Video Competition

I think its time for more outdoor ministry programs and universities that offer Christian outdoor leadership degrees to produce a high quality outdoor ministry video to promote their own programs as well as to offer tutorials to aspiring outdoor leaders who aspire to do outdoor ministry.

When Hiking Steep Heinous Terrain Opens the Eyes of the Heart

How easy it is to cut corners in life. The same is true in our spiritual journey. When approaching difficulty in your walk with God, don’t fall prey to these two temptations: 1) giving up and heading back to previous comforts, or 2) hiking straight up the hill in your own strength.

How God Guides Us | Campfire Stories for the Exodus 40 Pillar of Fire

Being in the presence of the Fire is much more comforting and fun then sitting in the dark by smouldering coals. If you feel like you are in the darkness where the Spirit no longer is swirling about, then get up and follow the Fire

5 Steps to Making an Effective Outdoor Ministry Video

If we really believe that people who participate in our outdoor programs will be radically transformed, then we need to go to extremes to inspire them to sign up and go on our trip. Maybe its time to think about using an outdoor ministry video to promote your program and capture the attention of potential participants who are trapped in our Age of Amusement.

Best Ever Outdoor Ministry Fundraisers? My Choice is Project 54

Project 54 is the coolest fund raiser I’ve ever seen. On one day (the last Saturday of August) climbers summit all 54 fourteeners in Colorado to raise funds to provide gear and outdoor leadership training for outdoor ministry programs all around the world, including dozens of countries in the Developing World.

Experience + Efficiency + Exposure = Rapid Decision-Making Skills

Outdoor leaders are life-long learners who engage in a variety of wilderness experiences where they are pushed to be efficient in the midst of repeated realms of exposure.