3 Important Ways to Prepare for Next Summer During the Off Season

As an outdoor leader, I always find summers end to bring a time of debriefing and rest. Summer, while amazing and full of adventure, can be quite draining. Leading others into the wilderness is physically, emotionally, and spiritually demanding.  This rest is welcome and necessary, but I have learned to not let the off season […]

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know About You | A Conversation Starter

Like a familiar path you’ve have hiked many times, relationships can sometimes become too familiar. Even people we have known for a long time have mysteries and surprises just waiting to be discovered.

On the familiar paths we need to slow down and notice the details. Surprises and joy awaits those who look deeper into the detail.

Next time you are on an outing with a friend, SUPing, hiking, biking… try this conversation starter: “Tell me something I don’t know about you.” Be prepared to answer the same question when it boomerangs back to you.

15 Ways to Teach Like Jesus through Variation & Participation

Is it time to bring some more variety into your teaching style? Jesus made the effort to vary his teaching techniques, and for good reason. He motivated his listeners to participate with him in the learning process. He wanted to move audiences to become active participants. He taught for impact.


For many youth today, their ipod or iphone is more important for them to have close at hand than anything else in their backpack. Since outdoor ministry is about first about transformation, outdoor leaders who understand the art of facilitation need to view this seeming obstacle to a “true wilderness experience”, as an opportunity to help young people see how their addiction to connectivity might be wounding their soul.

3 Ways to Prepare for the Most Common Crisis’ in Wilderness Leadership

This had been one epic trip so far. The group of high school kids were loving life as we had traveled deep into the heart of the Weminuche Wilderness area of southern Colorado. We camped that night high on a ledge in Snowslide Basin and after a great dinner and stories around the stove, we went to bed for a cozy night’s sleep. Yet unbeknownst to us, a crisis was foreboding.

Are You Prepared to Handle Crisis’ As You Lead Others in the Outdoors?

It was one of the first backpacking trips I ever guided. We were halfway into our first day, the group was doing well as we plodded up some moderately steep terrain. I was in the back of the group, having some great conversation with a kid, trying to take our minds off of the physical challenge, when all of a sudden things turned south