Christian Outdoor Leadership

By Ashley Denton

Dr. Ashley Denton’s book on Christian outdoor leadership is the first of its kind. It is a foundational resource for students of outdoor leadership, wilderness ministry, and outdoor education.

“People Today Are Yearning to be Free From the Chaotic Pace of Modern life.”

-Dr. Ashley Denton

ABOUT THE author

Residing in Fort Collins, CO, (north of the Denver-Boulder metro area) Dr. Ashley Denton is married to Becky and has five children. He is the author of Christian Outdoor Leadership: Theology, Theory, and Practice and is the director of Wilderness Ministry Institute and Vice President of Nexus International.


People today are yearning to be freed from the chaotic pace of modern life. Busyness has only deepened our starvation for experiences that cause true transformation. This book will show you how to find more peace and productivity by imitating Jesus Christ’s rhythm of retreat.

As hectic as our world seems, first century Palestine had distractions and burdens that were equally concerning. There were distractions of prosperity, poverty, and false religions.

There were weighty burdens of Pharisaical laws and bitter Roman occupation.

As Jesus looked into the culture of His day He settled on a surprising strategy to change the world: He chose a group of young Disciples, He used the wilderness as His primary classroom, and He employed adventure to produce radical commitment toward His mission. He knew that people needed time in the outdoors for soul rest and mind renewal. God has always used wilderness experiences to draw out the best in people by confronting their fears and exposing traps of entitlement. Jesus used the wilderness with His Disciples to sever worldly entanglements that choked their faith.

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