Campfire Questions for Summer Camp & Family Campouts

I look forward to summer all year long because it means more camping around a campfire. Whether you are leading at a summer camp or taking out your youth group or your family on a campout this summer, one of the best ways to spend time together is around a campfire.

Confused? A Wilderness Experience Might be the Cure

Being confused is one of the most common and most unsettling of human experiences. Uncertainty about what to do, what is going on around you, or what is expected of you can make you confused. When you are confused it is usually because things are happening that you can’t seem to control.

How Regular Camping Helps Parents Teach Their Kids a Right Attitude Toward Possessions

There is nothing more scary than a selfish child becoming a selfish adult. If we don’t teach our kids a right attitude toward material possessions, then we may be setting them up for a big fall later in life. As the old adage goes, “The bigger they are the harder they fall.” One of the reasons […]

Want Spiritual Liberty? Make Room for God’s Word through Silence & Solitude | John 8:31-37

I do not always make room for God’s Word each day. And I suffer greatly for it, and so do my relationships. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Create a rhythm of regular silence and solitude daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and you will experience more freedom and less slavery to lies.