True Elevation Wilderness Ministry is a Church-Based Outdoor Ministry in Durango, CO


  • Backpacking
  • Fly Fishing
  • Wilderness Ethics and Stewardship

True Elevation provides participants with time to come alive and shape identity through adventure, self-discovery, and the Word of God. We will be backpacking into the wilderness experiencing God and His creation.


Their mission is to lead young people to Christ through exploration and adventure in the wilderness.


For many years, T had a dream of starting a wilderness camp that focused on Jesus Christ and outdoor adventure. T shared with me,

I was one of those kids that would have met Christ in a wilderness setting but it wasn’t available to me growing up. Later on when I became a youth leader, I was blessed to be around a group of young people that inspired me to pursue this purpose.

In the fall of 2011, T finally listened to the calling and began to assemble the True Elevation leadership team. As members of First Baptist Church, T and Trey had become close friends. The two shared a common love of the outdoors and T saw in Trey a wilderness Pastor in the making. T asked Trey to help him realize the dream.

Having Trey come along side of me in this endeavor gave me confidence that this camp could really happen. Still, I knew that True Elevation needed that one person who could take this ministry to another level. That person was Taylor.

At the time, Taylor was a Young Life leader and was about to graduate college.

He had the youth and drive necessary to help get this ministry off the ground. God put it on my heart and I went to his work one day and briefly shared the vision of True Elevation.

Taylor embraced the challenge and the development of the ministry started to take shape. God is great and all powerful and within a few months, True Elevation grew from a dream to a First Baptist Church Ministry.


  • Bringing people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ (discipleship)
  • Serving and challenging  people with love and purpose (leadership)
  • Providing the highest quality wilderness experience
  • Educating and promoting the values of wilderness


Typically 5-6 day expeditions.


True Elevation Wilderness Ministry

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