Tall Timber Ranch Borders the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area, Washington

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Tall Timber Ranch borders the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area, lush meadows, massive cedars, and glacial rivers are surrounded by towering, snow capped, peaks. Nearby is popular Lake Wenatchee. Since 1957, Tall Timber has provided inspiring camping experiences for people of all ages. Camp provides a chance to get away from the demands and distractions in your life. It provides wholesome fun and exciting activities which stretch and challenge you. It provides solid Biblical teaching. Most of all Tall Timber provides Christian role models: camp staff, Spiritual Leaders, and Counselors who are deeply committed to follow Christ, and seek to share this with you and your kids. This combination provides a catalyst for growth and change that is simply dynamic!


In 1956, while conducting a senior high camp at Lake Wenatchee, four pastors of the North Central Washington Presbytery stopped by a dude ranch up the White River Valley. Overwhelmed by the beauty and majesty of this setting, they exclaimed, what a place to start our own camp! With the full support of the Presbytery, 133 acres was purchased for $18,000, and Tall Timber Ranch was born.


  • Daily devotion or quiet times
  • Solo experience (either a few hours or day-long solos)
  • Teachable moments or trail talks along the journey
  • Having participants share their testimony or life story
  • Peak climbs
  • Rock climbing
  • Rafting
  • Canoeing
  • Backpacking
  • Practicing and Teaching Leave No Trace Ethics
  • Mountaineering




Tall Timber Ranch

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