Ashley Denton’s Radio Interview on Christian Outdoor Leadership

Listen Live March 4th to Ashley Denton’s interview about his Christian Outdoor Leadership book, with Kurt Goff of Family Life Radio in New York! Click here for the link to Family Life’s podcast page where Ashley Denton’s interview on his book Christian Outdoor Leadership will air on March 4th… Christian Outdoor Leadership is aimed at equipping outdoor […]

Exploring Why Jesus Had an Uncanny Preference for Teaching in the Outdoors…

Welcome to Ashley Denton’s book website that explores the outdoor, adventurous, and experiential nature of Jesus Christ’s teaching techniques.  The book is entitled, Christian Outdoor Leadership because it “embarks on a journey to rediscover Jesus’ uncanny preference for equipping his disciples through outdoor experiential learning. In his day, he tapped into creation—the tangible antique version […]

Director Young Life Wilderness Ranch Endorses Ashley Denton’s Book

We asked Matt Ismert, of Young Life Wilderness Ranch to give us his opinion of Ashley Denton’s book Christian Outdoor Leadership: Theology, Theory, and Practice.  Here is what he said: I’ve read this this book, it is intelligent, courageous, articulate and has a unique freshness and thoughtfulness to it. You should read it too. Ashley […]