3 Ways Wilderness Experiences Help Promote Visionary Thinking

The wilderness is an ideal environment for fostering visionary leadership because it is wild and unpredictable. It constantly creates “need to know” situations where one has to sort out the difference between an “okay idea worth trying”, versus “the right thing to do… the thing that we must do, right now.”


Imagine working on the International Space Station, having to live in such close proximity with a team of other people for weeks at a time. That requires a unique team. The wilderness helps groups quickly work through interpersonal and problem-solving issues to efficiently establish cohesiveness.

Don’t Whine, Just Adapt | How the Outdoors Teaches Us Adaptation

True leaders adapt when the conditions change. Leaders rise up when adaptation is needed. They don’t whine about their limitations, lack of resources or support. They just adapt. Jesus modeled adaptation in the Last Supper scene when it became apparent to him from the Father that his time on earth was coming to a close, and his mission would soon be coming to an end on the cross….

Experience + Efficiency + Exposure = Rapid Decision-Making Skills

Outdoor leaders are life-long learners who engage in a variety of wilderness experiences where they are pushed to be efficient in the midst of repeated realms of exposure.

The 3 E’s of Rapid Decision-Making Skills in Outdoor Leadership

The wilderness is just dripping with opportunities to learn how to be a rapid decision maker. I have a half-baked formula for how to develop rapid decision making skills. It’s a combination between 1) experiences, 2) efficiency, and 3) exposure.