4 Ways Time Outdoors Can Expose the Worldview of Jesus

Ironically, Albert Einstein wrote: “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” Jesus artfully poured a solid foundation for his disciples to build his church upon. And he often taught & modeled his worldview in the outdoors.

Outdoor Leadership as Mission | Where Outdoor Ministry is Going Today?

Outdoor leadership and adventure camping are becoming more common tools for ministries in a wide representation of countries. My blog continues to look at some of the rationale behind why I believe outdoor leadership is a vital tool for missions in the years to come.

Be a Follower First | Leadership Skills from 30 Days in the Cascades

Leadership skills and the art of following… If it hadn’t been for that delay we wouldn’t have experienced that stunning sunset-ascent of Eldorado Peak and I wouldn’t have gotten my all-time favorite summit pic.

What Coaching Basketball Teaches me about Outdoor Ministry Soul Care

It’s easy to talk about generalities with people by encouraging them to “think positively”, or “believe in yourself”, or “overcome your fears”. Those are general things that most people know they “ought” to be doing. But are they game changers? I don’t think so. By contrast, a truly effective spiritual leader will seek to know the person, and their life situation like a coach knows his players and the game they are playing. Then he can offer game changing perspective. Caring for another person’s soul involves giving specific guidance. Much like players on the court battling for the ball against a team that wants to shut them down, in the spiritual journey everyone needs someone to coach them by offering specific words on target to the unique inner-workings of their soul.

Outdoor Ministry Facilitation | Bitter vs Sweet Water: Exodus 15:22-27

by Ashley Denton Bitter Waters Make us Appreciate the Sweet Water all the More Outdoor leadership facilitation is one of the soft skills of outdoor ministry that helps us motivate and inspire others to listen to God and learn from others. They story of how God used Israel’s parched thirst and some bitter water to […]

165 Conversation Starter Questions for Outdoor Ministry

In a week-long wilderness experience you will typically spend as much time with a person as you would during a twelve-month period of typical ministry activities back at home. As a result, people usually open up more because of spending so much time on the log.