Yesterday I had the opportunity to attempt a 16,000’ foot peak in Cotopaxi National Park in Ecuador with about 20 youth leaders from all over Latin America. It is freeing for me to admit that I reached my limit yesterday. In my pride I wish I could say that I had the energy and strength to bag that peak, but I didn’t. I couldn’t. You could stick a fork in me. I was baked.

Outdoor Leadership as Mission | Where Outdoor Ministry is Going Today?

Outdoor leadership and adventure camping are becoming more common tools for ministries in a wide representation of countries. My blog continues to look at some of the rationale behind why I believe outdoor leadership is a vital tool for missions in the years to come.

Christian Outdoor Leadership in Mexico

I recently received some very encouraging words from a leader in Mexico who is developing Christian camping ministries to reach out to Mexican youth. Cliff’s insight brilliantly highlights the cross cultural relevance of outdoor adventure ministries.