The Latest Adolescent Research Has Sweeping Implications for Outdoor Ministry

God uses outdoor ministry to make you something. We want to empower others to leave a legacy and a lasting impact on the world by submitting to the anvil of discomfort from time to time. As facilitators we help people realize that the whole time during the experience, as stressful as it may have been, that all that time we were under the Potter’s hand. He wants to make us a vessel for noble purposes.

Go Outdoors to Give Yourself a Tune Up in Leadership Skills

God  has used the wilderness throughout all of history to tune up and shape leadership skills for his grand purposes in the world. One of the most straightforward texts in the Bible that illustrates the type of development a person can experience by spending regular time in the wilderness is 1 Samuel 17:34-37. We often […]

Trustology: A Blueprint for Building a Culture of Trust. A Remedy for Healing Disunity & Unproductivity on Your Team!

Trustology inspires leaders and managers to tenaciously maintain an environment of trust because the fruit of cooperative behavior is worth the effort. People who don’t trust one another can only cooperate under a highly regulated and enforceable system of policies. This poisons the roots of creativity and it doesn’t take long before a culture of distrust erodes productivity.


More outdoor leadership jobs and volunteer opportunities are on the horizon because outdoor pursuits help others experience God & discover what it means to belong to community. People today are so busy they don’t even know who they are. We need more wise wilderness shepherds who can persuade people to be brave, stop, and look at who they are.


The time is ripe for outdoor ministries to pop up in local churches because it meets profound needs for leadership development in our culture today. One of the next bubbles that we might see pop in this generation is the leadership bubble. People today are so busy they don’t even know who they are… we need wise wilderness shepherds who can persuade people to be brave, stop, and listen to the Heavenly Father’s voice…


When David’s father Jesse sent David to resupply his brothers on the front lines of the battle against the Philistines, David accepted the task. He had no idea his adaptation skills were about to be tested.

Where Performance Anxiety Crosses the Line and Sickens the Soul

One of my Achilles Heels as a leader is to be performance-driven. This is one of the reasons why I love time in the wilderness so much. It prunes off those performance anxiety branches in my life and puts to death those roots of pride.

Why You Should Assume the Quality of Your Outdoor Ministry is Bad?

What do you have to lose by stepping back for a minute and assuming that your service or outdoor ministry approach is bad? It won’t hurt you to do this exercise and I guarantee it will force you to improve something. This is one of the valuable lessons ministries can learn from business leaders… they know that they have to assume their service is bad to force improvement.

How Wilderness Education Produces Social Innovators

In my last post, “How Wilderness Education will Produce Social Innovation,” I highlighted the need young people have today for un-distracted time to think. In this post we look at practical ways wilderness education encourages & empowers social innovators by giving them time to think & dream about their calling.