Start up Kit | A Guide for Developing Outdoor Ministry Programs

A Helping Hand for Start-Ups: The 10 Essentials of Starting Outdoor Ministry Programs

This start up kit is an overview for getting an outdoor ministry started. These tips will help you get organized and focus on essential components of a successful outdoor ministry program.

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1. Schedule Your Leadership Training for Guides First!

Guide Competencies

2. Identify Your Guide Team Leaders & Empower them to Shepherd Your Guides

3. Be Precise About Your Guide Team Leader’s Responsibilities

4. Recruiting Guides May be the Most Important Thing You Do

Guide Applications and Reference Forms

Interview Questions & the Guide Selection Process

5. You Have to Have Participants to Have Trips!

6. Don’t Cut Corners on Clothing & Equipment

7. Route Creating Tips

8. Create a Learning Culture by Debriefing Your Trips

Evaluate Your Guides to Encourage Them and Increase their Potential

Evaluate Your Trips So Nothing Slips Through the Cracks

9. Food Packing & Sample Menus

10. The Absolute Necessity of Administration: 80% of What Needs to Happen is Behind the Scenes

How to Get Jaw-Dropping Testimonials from Your Participants to Promote Your Ministry?

Registration Form

Parent Letter