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Video by Joel Vermillion

outdoor ministry in Czech Republic

Listening to these Czech leaders (Jirka Stanislav and Honza Kuklinek) about the fruit they are seeing in their ministry Křesťanský Outdoor (KO) is absolutely inspiring. This week two of our Wilderness Ministry Institute staff, Joel Vermillion and Jon Hoppin returned from a 5 day guide training and put this video together to share some exciting developments in their ministry. And thanks to generous donations, we were also able to give 20 copies of Ashley Denton’s book, Christian Outdoor Leadership: Theology, Theory, and Practice to each of the Czech Leaders as a training tool in their ministry.

Given the history of Czech Republic and the fact that it is considered the most atheistic country in the world, it is amazing to see how God is drawing young people to Christ through this incredibly well-organized outdoor adventure camping ministry.  We helped a few Czech leaders launch this ministry in 2009, and already nearly 100 youthworkers have received intense training in evangelistic adventure camping, and hundreds of young people have been exposed to the Gospel through the work of these leaders.  Please pray for the Czech Republic and our ministry partner Křesťanský Outdoor (KO)!

More about the challenges and opportunities in our outdoor ministry in Czech Republic…

The Czech Republic is one of the most atheistic countries in the world, with a Christian population of .17 percent. Plagued with remnants of communism, the church has been slow to grow. The Church growth rate has been less than three percent. A new generation of leadership is needed in this country. We believe the Czech Republic’s primary need is quality youth ministry training for indigenous youth workers to effectively reach young people in their communities.
Nexus Vivus International has been involved in the Czech Republic for the past four years. We have specifically worked with a group of youth leaders in Ostrava. Nexus has aided these men and women in starting a program called Křesťanský Outdoor (KO). KO’s vision is to be able to provide affordable adventure camping outreach programs used at churches and para-church organizations throughout the Czech Republic. KO just successfully completed a second season of ministry exposing over 50 young people to the Gospel through wilderness adventure in the summer of 2010.  Another exciting summer is almost upon us… please pray that this ministry will lead many young people to Christ!

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Video by Joel Vermillion


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  1. How many youth are you pairing your new leaders with when traveling abroad? I am training raft guides of a predominantly youth group rafting company. We usually pair 6 to 7 youth with a guide and take on the Ocoee River. Though, we started a canopy tour/ upper rope course this year and I am working in smaller groups, like 4 to 5, and having more of a connection with the youth. Do groups bond better by percentage being in larger groups or smaller groups? Also, does anyone have any good ideas for team building when the activity is a solo experience, like zip lining?

  2. Great video! I am so inspired about what Jesus is doing throughout the world through the faithful proclamation of His Word to all people!! Way to go Ashley! I praise God for your faithfulness!

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