Proságo – Developing Christian Character and Leadership Through Outdoor Adventure

Proságo’s Vision

Proságo uses adventure and community to develop Christian character and leadership competence in young adults.

Brief History of How Proságo Got Started and Why It Exists

Proságo was created to meet a need that Medeba saw for developing young Christian leaders. The program began in 1993 with 4 participants and has evolved through the last twenty years to the point we are at today. Leadership is our first and foremost priority. We believe there is no greater avenue to affect change in the world outside of leadership and with this realization we are committed to developing the next generation of Christian leaders.

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What Makes A Successful Wilderness Adventure Trip?

A journey where students take on and own the responsibility for leading their peers and creating a professional and experiential learning environment.

Duration of Trips Offered

Proságo offers a 10-week leadership program.

Expeditionary Learning Elements Typically Included in Their Trips

  • Daily devotion or quiet times
  • Solo experience (either a few hours or day-long solos)
  • Teachable moments or trail talks along the journey
  • Having participants share their testimony or life story
  • Peak climbs
  • Rock climbing
  • Canoeing
  • Backpacking
  • Practicing and Teaching Leave No Trace Ethics
  • Other: ice climbing, back country skiing, snowshoeing, white water kayaking

How Proságo Introduces People to Christ and Helps Them Grow in Their Faith

Much of our program is student driven and every day we have a morning meeting where students prepare a bible study and prayer time. Additionally all of our leadership teaching is Christ centered either explicitly or implicitly.


Most trips cost in the rage of $100-$150



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