Tent-Like Faith Looks Forward To A Heavenly City – Acts 7:4

Part 2 in the series, “Abraham’s Tent-Like Faith | Outdoor Ministry Inklings from Hebrews 11:8-9” I’m guessing that many of us camp in tents sometime throughout the year. This series on Abraham’s tent-like faith shows us how to seize this teachable moment to connect tent-camping with what our life of faith is supposed to look […]


Outdoor ministry can help people who may need to come to a place where they can live life with dignity again, have the life skills to find a well-paying job, or get the healing and biblical counseling they need to forgive and move on from the wounds of broken relationships and families.

5 Ways Fly Fishing Taught Me How to Successfully Recruit Volunteers

Here are five common “flies” you should always present when you are working to recruit volunteers your team. Chances are they will bite on one of them because their soul is longing for something.

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Experience + Efficiency + Exposure = Rapid Decision-Making Skills

Outdoor leaders are life-long learners who engage in a variety of wilderness experiences where they are pushed to be efficient in the midst of repeated realms of exposure.

What’s So Radical About Abandonment? A Wilderness Moment

Abandonment is Critical to Spiritual Formation & the Wilderness Provides Tremendous Space to Embrace It In my earlier post, It’s not “If”, but “When” to Abandon Ship | A Reflection on Abandonment, we took an honest look at the irony of abandonment. It can be good and bad. Jesus spoke directly into this paradox by […]

It’s Not “If” but “When” to Abandon Ship? A Reflection on Abandonment

When things get tough, we are tempted to abandon. But Jesus gives us his Word, Prayer, and Community to help us endure through trials. In the same way that a group encourages its members to make it through a tough climb, or a sleepless night of wind and rain, connecting to a church and plugging into community will give you the ability to avoid the temptation to abandon the path of discipleship and persevere through life’s storms.

Let My People Go Camping! God Wants Us All to Himself | Exodus 5:1-3

Be intentional. When you head out into the outdoors, realize that this is an opportunity to combine the fun of recreation and adventure with an opportunity to connect with God, hear his voice, and realign your mission in life to glorify Christ.