Street Level Experiential Learning | Modern Widow’s Mite Illustrations

In the clip below, a little girl puts a coin in a street performer’s hat, and a street performer celebrated her generous heart. She gave a tiny token only to be given back more than she ever could have expected… Isn’t that just like Jesus. When we give what little we have to Christ, he meets us with surprise after surprise… blessing after blessing… extravagant generosity after extravagant generosity.

Trustology: A Blueprint for Building a Culture of Trust. A Remedy for Healing Disunity & Unproductivity on Your Team!

Trustology inspires leaders and managers to tenaciously maintain an environment of trust because the fruit of cooperative behavior is worth the effort. People who don’t trust one another can only cooperate under a highly regulated and enforceable system of policies. This poisons the roots of creativity and it doesn’t take long before a culture of distrust erodes productivity.


This is where I first realized the overwhelming factor of the outdoors is the SCALE! Everything where we live, cities, etc, is human scale…3 ft. wide doors, steps to accommodate human foot traffic, 8 ft. ceilings. All of this human engineering gives me the idea that I’m in charge of this human scale world and my human scale problems then become giant.

Hosea’s Wilderness Wisdom: 4 Ways a Walk & Talk w/ Jesus Unlocks Troubled Communication w/God

“… and speak tenderly to her…” Hosea reminds God’s people that we have a communication problem. Communication is one of the top shelf needs for all people, and when we can’t communicate we implode.

Blessing Underprivileged People w/ Outdoor Adventures | Men’s Ministry

A monumental task. A dream come true. An example of brotherhood… of courage… of bravery. A monumental task. A dream come true. An example of brotherhood… of courage… of bravery. This video is about “Team Alex” – a men’s ministry that sacrificed their hike to get a 14 year old w/ cerebral palsy to the top of one of Colorado’s Fourteeners.

Striving for Last Place – Servant Leadership in Mark 9:33-37

Probably the thing I remember most about this experience was the attitude and demeanor of our sailing guide, Sam. He was a model of servant leadership. Although he was extremely skilled far beyond anyone else in the estuary around us, he displayed patience and genuinely displayed joy as we discovered some new skills.