Outdoor Ministry Curriculum & Leadership Skills

To be an effective outdoor ministry leader or guide is no easy task. Anything worthwhile takes work, and becoming an effective outdoor ministry leader will require a lot of diligent labor on your part. This outdoor ministry curriculum tutorial is aimed to help those who are going to be in the privileged position of leading others on a spiritual journey in the outdoors. Outdoor leaders also need to learn how to manage the risks involved in adventurous activities so that participants can grow in character with the appropriate safety nets underneath them. Mediocrity will get people hurt (both emotionally and potentially physically), so it is worth every bit of effort it takes to excel as an outdoor leader.

Confidence and Competence are Essential to Excel in Outdoor Leadership

To serve others as a catalyst for spiritual and character transformation in the wilderness, you need to develop confidence and competence in a variety of skills. We will look at these skills in two categories: interpersonal (soft skills), and technical (hard skills). In both categories, as a Christian outdoor leader, we need to have the right heart as we approach leading and instructing others in the outdoors. The foundation of good leadership is to have the heart of a guide or shepherd. Then we must diligently develop the techniques to lead others through transformation, which includes both outdoor ministry soft skills and outdoor ministry hard skills. To continue the journey just click the buttons below to view some basic guidance on an internationally recognized standard for level 1 Outdoor Leadership, including a few special additional competencies related to Christ-centered Outdoor Ministry.

by Ashley Denton