Ashley Denton’s Radio Interview on Christian Outdoor Leadership

Ashley Denton's radio interview on Christian Outdoor LeadershipListen Live March 4th to Ashley Denton’s interview about his Christian Outdoor Leadership book, with Kurt Goff of Family Life Radio in New York!

Click here for the link to Family Life’s podcast page where Ashley Denton’s interview on his book Christian Outdoor Leadership will air on March 4th…

Christian Outdoor Leadership is aimed at equipping outdoor leaders, camp staff, outdoor enthusiasts, and leaders who want understand how to tap into the powerful tool of experiential learning through outdoor adventure. Gain some insight into the heart that Ashley Denton has for equipping leaders as he talks with Kurt Goff about his book Christian Outdoor Leadership.

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  1. Fantastic! We will have to take a break from the excitement of our counseling and content training with WMI and tune in! I hope they have internet access up in Fairplay CO.

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