LIFT DISCIPLESHIP – Semester Program at Camp of the Woods


LIFT stands for Leaders in Further Training. LIFT is a unique, semester-long program designed to train a new generation of Christians, ages 19-26. LIFT graduates are better equipped to face the challenges of the 21st century with a biblically grounded and culturally informed faith.

lift discipleship


LIFT is blessed to be located in the midst of one of the country’s most treasured resources, the incredible 6-million acre Adirondack Park.  You could say CAMP-of-the-WOODS is fairly secluded, as it is surrounded by numerous trails, mountains, cliffs, lakes and rivers. LIFT students explore God’s wonderful creation every week either in a canoe, high up on the end of a rope on the face of a cliff, crashing through pounding rapids in a raft, or on the trail (snowshoes and cross-country skis provided when necessary). These include strenuous hikes up several mountain peaks, ranging from four to fifteen miles, often crossing beautiful streams and along serene lakes. During the semester, much time is spent in the High Peaks region, conquering five or more of the 46 highest mountains in the state.

Each LIFT semester also includes at least one extended (3-4 day) wilderness canoe or backpacking trip. God has carried every participant through these trips each semester and taught them important lessons in the process. During the winter semester, students have the privilege of renting a heated cabin in the High Peaks region for their multi-day trip. This allows them still to experience life in the wilderness for a few days, while sleeping in a safe and warm environment. They still have the opportunity however to try winter camping in an igloo-like structure they build themselves.

It never fails that God uses our time in the outdoors to work incredible changes in the lives of LIFTers. Whether it’s learning to have patience and be an encouragement to those who aren’t accustomed to hiking, or it’s understanding true reliance on God’s strength for the completion of a long hike, each student comes away from these times with lessons learned and perspectives changed.


LIFT classes have about 30 students, ages 19-26. We are looking for students who are committed to Christ and who desire to live lives of significance for His Kingdom. Many of our students have recently graduated from, or are taking a semester off from, college.  LIFT students come from many backgrounds, but share a common desire to live purposeful lives in response to God’s call. Given the intensity of our program and the amount of work that is involved in each semester, LIFT applicants should be hard-working, dedicated individuals who are ready to be challenged and stretched.


The cost of LIFT is almost entirely provided by CAMP-of-the-WOODS as part of its commitment to developing Christian leaders. This includes housing, food, books, curriculum, and hiking equipment. Students are responsible for providing for their own health insurance and raising a portion of the mission trip cost (around $1500). The raising of this support is one of the activities included in the LIFT semester, so students need not try to do this on their own.



LIFT DISCIPLESHIP – Camp of the Woods

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