Jim Doenges of Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries Endorses Denton’s Book

Christian Outdoor Leadership: Theology, Theory, and Practice is the first comprehensive Christian text on outdoor leadership. It should be required reading in every college and university that seeks to prepare outdoor leaders. This is a superb book that will benefit both seasoned practitioners and those seeking to be equipped to serve as outdoor ministers in congregational, parachurch, or mission contexts. Denton’s book steps in to fill the vacuum of Christian literature on outdoor leadership. It will likely be a cornerstone for years to come. Denton’s sound theology mobilizes and motivates as he writes in a well-organized, crisp, and conversational style. He speaks from experience and a deep and passionate faith in the truth of Scripture, the love of Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit. This is a seminal book.

–JIM DOENGES, Assistant Program Manager, Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries