Church-Based Outdoor Ministry


Make sure you have the right protection for you and your team when going on adventure trips.

One common question people ask me about outdoor ministry is where to get insurance coverage for your activities and events. Churches and Non-profits have many options for coverage but sometimes basic church coverage will not provide the kind of insurance you want for outdoor pursuits. That is why I recommend looking at Guide One. It is always a good idea to check your church’s insurance coverage each year before your season of outdoor ministry gets into full swing.

I asked Mountain View Community Church about their relationship with Guide One and got good reviews. They told me, “All external events are covered as long as they are church related.”

Are Your Protocols Up to Industry Standards?

One important detail that your insurance company will want to know is if your basic protocols for your activities are up to industry standards. Each church or organization can develop their own protocols, but it is good to survey the industry standards for rock climbing, peak climbing, water sports, etc. Make sure that the training you offer your volunteers matches industry standards. If you have questions about how to develop a community of highly trained outdoor leaders for your church you should check out Wilderness Ministry Institute. You may also want to refer to my Recommended Outdoor Programs List.

If your church is looking for coverage for the outdoor recreation, camps, and events related to your church, I recommend you take a look at Guide One.

Outdoor Leaders ⛰️

Outdoor Leaders ⛰️