How to get on Ashley Denton’s Recommended Program’s List?

Thanks for your interest in our Recommended Outdoor Programs List. Below are the criteria for receiving our Best Outdoor Programs Award and for being added to our Recommended Outdoor Programs List.

recommended outdoor program list

Gospel-Centered Outdoor Programs

The primary objective of wilderness ministry is to introduce people to Jesus and help them grow in their faith. We recommend outdoor ministries that are evangelistic, discipleship-oriented, and Gospel-centered. Please read Ashley’s post on Evangelism in the Wilderness to determine if your program aligns with our philosophy of ministry:

Expedition Style – Multi-Day Wilderness Trips

Ashley’s recommended outdoor programs are primarily expeditionary style programs that involve multi-day wilderness experiences. We look for these typical expeditionary learning elements to be included on wilderness trips:

Commitment to Spiritual Care and Excellent Training for Your Guides or Instructors

Programs that make our list need to demonstrate a commitment to investing in the spiritual care of guides and instructors as well as offering excellent training in following skills:

If you think that your outdoor ministry or wilderness ministry fits our criteria, you are invited to APPLY HERE for our RECOMMENDED OUTDOOR PROGRAMS LIST.