A Friendly (and desperately needed) Outdoor Ministry Video Competition

For how many outdoor ministry programs and Christian universities that offer outdoor leadership in North America and around the world, I am really surprised at how RARE it is to find a high quality outdoor ministry promotional video or instructional video out there on the web. I did a little digging in the web last night and here is a playlist I put together of promotional or instructional videos on outdoor leadership, outdoor ministry, and adventure camping ministries.

"Spacebook" is the title of one of my posts about how the outdoors is a platform that rivals Facebook. It's free, it's social, it's "open space"!


I think its time for more outdoor ministry programs and universities that offer Christian outdoor leadership degrees to produce a high quality outdoor ministry video to promote their own program as well as to offer video tutorials to aspiring outdoor leaders who aspire to do outdoor ministry.

So in the spirit of fun and a little friendly competition, I’ll send a FREE Spacebook t-shirt (and a zillion tweets and posts) to anyone who sends me an outdoor ministry video as compelling as this adventure gear commercial I saw today:


And if you need a little help, here are 3 articles on my blog that might help you improve the way you market your outdoor ministry so you can fill your trips:


  • Really, I mean this… no timeline… I’ll send a t-shirt to anyone who creates a rockin’ outdoor ministry video that is on par with this commercial above. A t-shirt isn’t much to offer, but you’ll have the joy of knowing that you were the first to get outdoor ministry programs out of the rut of average promotional videos and onto the greener pastures of visual inspiration and story-telling that we desperately need in the field of outdoor ministry and outdoor leadership. I can’t wait to see if anyone takes up the challenge.


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6 thoughts on “A Friendly (and desperately needed) Outdoor Ministry Video Competition

  1. Here is the Outdoor Ministry video from where I work, Deerfoot Lodge. It’s a long one but gets me excited about where I work and participating with God’s ministry there to Build Godly Young Men in a Christ-Centered Community Through Wilderness Camping.

    If that embed code didn’t work here’s the link to the video: http://vimeo.com/8241840

    It was actually working there last summer that I first read Christian Outdoor Leadership, I plan on revisiting it before I leave for another summer.

  2. I agree, there is a lack of good, inspiring outdoor ministry videos.  Although not wilderness, this video is pretty good.

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