Exploring Why Jesus Had an Uncanny Preference for Teaching in the Outdoors…

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Welcome to Ashley Denton’s book website that explores the outdoor, adventurous, and experiential nature of Jesus Christ’s teaching techniques.  The book is entitled, Christian Outdoor Leadership because it “embarks on a journey to rediscover Jesus’ uncanny preference for equipping his disciples through outdoor experiential learning. In his day, he tapped into creation—the tangible antique version of YouTube—to show them clip after clip of what it meant to live a radically transformed life. Not having YouTube to toy around with or an Internet connection to illustrate the ways of the Kingdom, he decided that the technicolor theater of creation itself, with all of its pithy object lessons, would suffice. That’s much better than a flat screen.” (Excerpt from page 31 of Christian Outdoor Leadership: Theology, Theory, and Practice by Ashley Denton)

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One recent customer review on Amazon said the following, which I think gives you an accurate feel for the tone of the book:

I enjoyed this book very much. Dr. Denton did a wonderful job of writing it in such a way that it would appeal to the theological scholar as well as the basic youth ministry leader or outdoor enthusiast. –Janet Wulf

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