Excerpts | Ashley Denton’s Book, Christian Outdoor Leadership

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Publisher’s Note:  Ashley Denton’s book on Christian Outdoor Leadership is the first of its kind.

Christian Outdoor Leadership: Theology, Theory, and Practice offers a relevant and innovative approach to leadership development, evangelism, discipleship, and spiritual formation for our culture today.  People are hungry for a more experiential approach to learning.  This book challenges leaders to re-assert Jesus’ apprenticeship strategy by incorporating outdoor adventure into their ministries like Jesus did.  Few books on evangelism or discipleship probe the outdoor dimension of Jesus’ apprenticeship methods.

This book builds on Robert Coleman’s classic Master Plan of Evangelism by addressing an element of Jesus’ apprenticeship strategy that has been given too little attention.  Setting and timing were often the crucial elements of His teaching that fueled radical change of heart.  Jesus pattern of evangelism and discipleship coupled compelling rhetoric with authentic experiences, most of which happened in the outdoors.  Let Christian Outdoor Leadership: Theology, Theory, and Practice introduce you to a new way of making disciples that is profoundly anchored in Jesus ancient style of apprenticeship and utilizes outdoor adventure as a catalyst for transformation.