Don’t Let a Lack of Money Derail Your Outdoor Ministry Vision

lack of moneyIt’s okay to talk about money

One of the greatest obstacles to carrying out your outdoor ministry is your view of money. It’s important to talk about finances, because lack of money often derails well-meaning outdoor ministry visionaries. Anything that will last is going to cost something, and that includes starting or running an outdoor ministry. So what do you do when you get far enough into your plan where you start seeing the realities of your financial limitations? Do you give up, or do you press on with faith that God is Jehoveh Jireh (Provider)?

Listen to what Randy Alcorn says about our the connection between our attitude toward money and having a kingdom of God vision:

Our use of money and possessions is a decisive statement of our eternal values. What we do with our money loudly affirms which kingdom we belong to. Whenever we give our resources to further God’s kingdom, we cast a ballot for Christ and against Satan, for heaven and against hell. Whenever we use our resources selfishly and indifferently we further Satan’s goals.

-Randy Alcorn (Money, Possessions, and Eternity)

Your attitude about money will be contagious, for the good, or for the bad

I urge you to have this same attitude about developing your outdoor ministry: In this world, you will have challenges, but take heart, greater is he that is within you than he that is within the world!

Be generous to your vision, and call others to be generous toward it. In that way everyone will benefit. But if you skimp or lack generosity then don’t expect anyone else to be generous toward your vision or be willing to make huge sacrifices to carry out your dream.


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3 thoughts on “Don’t Let a Lack of Money Derail Your Outdoor Ministry Vision

  1. How did you know that money has been my latest obstacle?  🙂  My plan to retire into wilderness & conservation ministry in 2011 was delayed due to an extreme medical crisis that quickly consumed all of my savings and income.  But the Lord challenged me to continue tithing on my gross income, to “test me in this.” 

    Please join me in prayer for rapid and complete healing so that I can get back out of debt and on with His plan!  As I’ve told the Lord–I need to be healthy to do the ministry you’ve placed on my heart!

    Meanwhile, I am thoroughly enjoying reading your ministry tips!

    • Thank you for your note, and wow, it sounds like you have been facing some great challenges. But it also sounds like you are clinging to the Lord as well. Thanks for sharing your dream for wilderness ministry as well… I’d love to hear how that progresses!

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