Climbing for Christ Takes the Gospel to Mountainous Areas Where Others Will Not Go


The primary purpose of Climbing For Christ is to GO and deliver the Gospel in the mountains of the world, where other missionaries cannot or will not. C4C emphasizes serving spiritual needs ahead of physical needs. We address physical needs to open doors to the spiritual and also because Jesus told us what we do for the least of these we do for Him. Climbing For Christ has been called to take the Gospel to those unreached villages, to those villages just beyond the next mountain — and the mountains after that. We have been chosen to deliver the Good News to people who otherwise might not hear His Word and know the salvation that only Christ has to offer.

climbing for christ


Climbing for Christ was founded by Gary Fallesen. In January 1998, while training for my climb on Mount Kilimanjaro, he was struck with the idea of Climbing For Christ. He was running. It was winter in Rochester, N.Y., cold and snowy. He wasn’t thinking any deep thoughts or even dreaming of the summit. Just running. That’s when the Spirit touched him with this notion. Where else would the idea of a Christian climbers’ organization come from than the very throne of God? He spoke, Gary listened and heard. From that point on, it was a case of disobedience. God kept asking Gary how His climbing organization was coming and he kept coming up with excuses for not making it happen. The truth be told, he had no idea how to make it happen – or for what purpose. But as Gary’s spiritual walk has continued to mature and he has climbed in His direction, he has realized it’s not up to him. God is the Guide; Gary is only His assistant. You, brothers and sisters in Christ, are the party. Clip in to the rope. Climb on.


Climbing for Christ has chapters in Australia, Canada, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Philippines, Tanzania, and the United States.



Climbing for Christ

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