U.S. Christian Universities & Colleges that offer Outdoor Education

There are a growing number of organizations and colleges that offer outdoor education. Below you will find a list of 1) Christian colleges that offer outdoor education and/or outdoor leadership degrees or courses, and 2) a list of Faith-based organizations that specialize in outdoor ministry and Christian outdoor leadership.

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recommended oudoor programs listChristian colleges that offer outdoor education in the United States



REFERRALS ! If you are familiar with a Christian outdoor leadership or wilderness ministry provider that we have not listed, feel free to contact us to let us know. We will look into whether they might be a fit for our recommended list!

DISCLAIMER: Participating in backcountry adventures assumes potential risks. The Recommended Outdoor Programs list (ROP List) provided on this website is merely a directory of organizations that provide opportunities for people to enjoy outdoor adventure in a Christian ministry context. Each listed organization in this directory assumes all risks for the activities that they conduct. We have only been directly involved with some of the listed organizations, churches, and schools. Others we have been indirectly involved with, and still others we only have information based upon their website or other information that has been presented to us. This disclaimer releases Ashley Denton and Smooth Stone Publishing from any liability related to the above organizations, churches, or schools including responsibility for accidental physical injury, including death or illness, and loss of personal property while participating on any activities associated with the above organizations. This release is also intended to include all claims made by your family, estate, heirs, personal representatives or assigns.