Fuller Seminary’s Chap Clark endorses Denton’s book, Christian Outdoor Leadership

Ashley Denton exposes something that we have clearly lost sight of today.  Human beings have known since the beginning that God made his creation as an invaluable gift to help us encounter Him personally and learn from his handiwork the secrets of his Kingdom. In Christian Outdoor Leadership Ashley takes us into the reason why we need outdoor adventure and wilderness ministry.  He provides a thorough theology of recreational ministry, and then brings us into a well-developed and comprehensive practical application of what it all means. Christian Outdoor Leadership is more than a book—it is an outstanding resource for every follower of Christ in that it calls us back to a simple and timeless lifestyle of ministry that patterns the life of Jesus.  This is a foundational book that I highly recommend!

CHAP CLARK, Ph.D. (Author, Hurt: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers). Professor of Youth, Family, and Culture, Fuller Theological Seminary