6 Ways that Studying God (Theology) Outdoors Leads us to God Himself

Like the contrast between bright snow and gray granite peaks, as I spend time with Jesus in the darkness of the morning, I am continually reminded that the Living Word of the biblical text is a drastic contrast to the regular diet of external worldly voices and internal doubts that I entertain everyday.

The 10 Tent Stakes of Our Worldview | Lessons from the Wilderness

I love opening up the door to my tent in the early hours of the morning after a good night sleep. As I unzip the door, who knows what I will see: A stunning sunrise, an unsuspecting moose just minding his own business in the marsh below my camp, or a thick fog hanging over the valley below as I peer out from the vista of my alpine bivvy. Like the view from my tent, I also wake up each day with a view of the world that is based upon my knowledge, beliefs, and experiences.

4 Ways Time Outdoors Can Expose the Worldview of Jesus

Ironically, Albert Einstein wrote: “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” Jesus artfully poured a solid foundation for his disciples to build his church upon. And he often taught & modeled his worldview in the outdoors.

When Hiking Steep Heinous Terrain Opens the Eyes of the Heart

How easy it is to cut corners in life. The same is true in our spiritual journey. When approaching difficulty in your walk with God, don’t fall prey to these two temptations: 1) giving up and heading back to previous comforts, or 2) hiking straight up the hill in your own strength.

How God Guides Us | Campfire Stories for the Exodus 40 Pillar of Fire

Being in the presence of the Fire is much more comforting and fun then sitting in the dark by smouldering coals. If you feel like you are in the darkness where the Spirit no longer is swirling about, then get up and follow the Fire

What a Starry Night & Blank Trail Sign Teaches About Asking,”Why God?”

My intent as a leader was to show the group through the analogy of a starry night how to get away from the light pollution of the city by going out into the wilderness where it is brilliantly dark, so that the stars will shine brighter.


Each of our hearts is an open book to Christ. And because His aim is to restore our hearts to their original design, He continually asks us questions to reveal the true nature of our heart. This is the process of spiritual formation. The question is, do we cooperate with him?

Good to the Last Drop, Really? | Old Wineskins & Soul Starvation

Jesus used an analogy from creation about how wine ferments and bloats a wineskin to explain the reality of becoming a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17) and entering into relationship with God. Consider what dominant cultural views you think should be confronted today and go outdoors like Jesus did, and look for an analogy from nature to explain what you want to confront.

A Spiritual Leadership Lesson from Wilderness First Responder Training

All wilderness leaders need to have some training in in first aid. Knowing how to assess and treat minor injuries and keep serious casualties stable can make a difference. Similarly wilderness ministry leaders can assess the spiritual wellness of their participants and begin to treat the cause of each symptom.