Danger of Viewing the World from Behind a Desk & Smartphone

Wilderness ministry is so vital for the church today. We are all so “busy” but often that busyness is from behind a desk, computer, or laptop—and from there we can only see a small sliver of the world. The dangerous reality is that from there, we only get a small peephole view into people’s souls.

These Painted Hills Point to the Intelligent Design of a Skilled “Painter”

When I am pressed due to circumstances to fully trust in God, the display of beauty in Creation points me to the Intelligent Design of a Painter who has the sovereign ability to attend to my circumstances. As I snapped this photo in the Wind Rivers in Wyoming recently I couldn’t help but to think […]

Tent-Like Faith Looks Forward To A Heavenly City – Acts 7:4

Part 2 in the series, “Abraham’s Tent-Like Faith | Outdoor Ministry Inklings from Hebrews 11:8-9” I’m guessing that many of us camp in tents sometime throughout the year. This series on Abraham’s tent-like faith shows us how to seize this teachable moment to connect tent-camping with what our life of faith is supposed to look […]


The author of Hebrews highlights Abraham’s Tent-like faith… Like the pioneers who traveled out West, Abraham set out on a long journey not really knowing where he was going, living in tents with his extended family, believing that in obedience to God’s call there would be reward beyond measure.

The Danger & Risk in Avoiding Danger & Risk | Risk Quotes

People intrinsically know that to experience greatness is going to require something form them. Those things that are most precious and highly valuable also come with a commensurate cost. Here are some risk quotes to use in teaching others about the need for risk in adventure…