U.S. Universities & Colleges that offer Christian Outdoor Education

There is a growing number of organizations and Christian colleges that offer outdoor education. Our Recommended Outdoor Programs List includes all of the colleges and organizations we recommend. Every year we award colleges and outdoor ministry programs with our Best Outdoor Programs Award if they meet our criteria.

Real Effects of Urbanization & Why Churches Need Outdoor Ministries

One of the most significant macro developments in human civilization is the migration toward the cities in the past one hundred years. Urbanization creates the need for young people to have more opportunities to get out into God’s creation. What can you do to help your church or favorite non-profit organization in your city prioritize getting young people out into God’s Creation?

Sky Ranch Ute Trail Wilderness Ministry Promo Video

Surrounded by the majestic beauty of Creation, your group will have a chance to grow as an intentional community by spending focused time together learning about and worshiping God, listening to each others’ stories, playing games, and by working together to accomplish challenges. Whether standing on the summit of a mountain or spending time with God by a pristine alpine lake, a wilderness trip will offer many one-of-a-kind moments for you and the members of your group to grow closer to each other and closer to God.

Austin Souto
Wilderness Program Manager

Mongolia outdoor ministry 200pxWhat are some of the funnest things you’ve ever done on a backpacking trip?

Sometimes I just plain run of out new ideas for fun stuff to do with groups out in the wilderness. Will you please take a couple of minutes and share funnest stuff you’ve done on a backpacking trip?

It’ll only take a couple of minutes to just scroll down and fill out the survey below. We’ll share the results so that everyone can get some fresh ideas. Thanks!

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4 Proven Steps to Sustaining a Wilderness Ministry

Due to the breakdown of family and the disconnectedness of urban communities, the distractions of technology, and the signs of eroding trust in our youth culture, people in the coming years will respond more and more to small group approaches to ministry. The time is ripe for a great expansion of wilderness ministry that promotes […]

Celebrating 40 Years of Summit Adventure

This week I am highlighting one of our Recommended Outdoor Programs, Summit Adventure. They are located in Bass Lake, California, but also operate internationally. Summit Adventure’s focus is to provide custom adventure programs  and  experiential education as tools to strengthen relationships with God and others. They have been on the cutting edge of Wilderness Leadership […]