Go Beyond. Take Class Outside | Outdoor Leadership Program @ Colorado Christian University

In the mountains God gave the law to Moses, and on a mountain, Jesus gave the Great Commission. Colorado Christian University has been on my Recommend Outdoor Programs (ROP List) for a few years. Yet recently, CCU has made huge strides in their Outdoor Leadership Minor under the leadership of the department chair, Jim Doenges. I highly recommend the outdoor leadership program at Colorado Christian University.

Planning: Struggle to Complete Plans? Draw Water Daily-Proverbs 20:5

The next time you’re in the wilderness, waking up really early before everyone else–going down to the stream to collect water, remember that this may be a small act of service, but it is an illustration of a much larger and more profound discipline of how to faithfully complete our plans.

4 Proven Steps to Sustaining a Wilderness Ministry

Due to the breakdown of family and the disconnectedness of urban communities, the distractions of technology, and the signs of eroding trust in our youth culture, people in the coming years will respond more and more to small group approaches to ministry. The time is ripe for a great expansion of wilderness ministry that promotes […]

Dilemma: Many Outdoor Facilitators – Too Few Outdoor Ministry Builders

I love the concept of “facilitation” in outdoor ministry because it represents an important skill that helps people get the most out of an experience. Yet how many of these “facilitators” would actually impact more people if they transitioned from a season of “facilitation” and embarked into a season of “initiation?”

7 Tips for Successfully Launching a Church-Based Outdoor Ministry

Recently a leader from a church called my friend Matt Scott to ask him for some advice in starting a new church-based outdoor ministry. Here are 7 profound insights and “how-tos” from Mountain View Backcountry on how to start a church-based outdoor ministry.

7 Reasons Why Church Based Outdoor Ministry is Taking Off

interpret truth

If Jesus chose the wilderness as a favorite setting to shape his disciples into dynamic leaders, then is it not equally critical in our increasingly urban world for people to encounter Him through wilderness adventure?

Adventure Planning | Scout It and They Will Come!

Adventure planning is so foundational to outdoor ministry. And scouting trips are especially fun for leaders of adventures, because we get to explore and discover routes that others will one day bless those we lead on our route.


I remember someone telling me they didn’t understand why anyone would want to hike because you can see just about anything you wanted from your car. Yeah, seeing it is cool, but how about seeing it, smelling it, hearing it, feeling it, and tasting it? God gave us five senses for a reason.