3 Important Ways to Prepare for Next Summer During the Off Season

As an outdoor leader, I always find summers end to bring a time of debriefing and rest. Summer, while amazing and full of adventure, can be quite draining. Leading others into the wilderness is physically, emotionally, and spiritually demanding.  This rest is welcome and necessary, but I have learned to not let the off season […]

Hosea’s Wilderness Wisdom: 4 Ways a Walk & Talk w/ Jesus Unlocks Troubled Communication w/God

“… and speak tenderly to her…” Hosea reminds God’s people that we have a communication problem. Communication is one of the top shelf needs for all people, and when we can’t communicate we implode.

A Wilderness Experience is Like a Trip to the Dentist | Bonhoeffer 101

A wilderness experiences sometimes feels like a trip to the dentist. No one likes going to the dentist for fear of having to get a filling, or even worse a root canal! But at the end of the day, if your tooth is wrecked, it would be better, sooner rather than later, to dig out the decay and move on to greener pastures.