My recent trip to the San Juan Islands north of Seattle causes me to consider how to resist the rising tide of excuses in my life. How do we apply the adage “just do it” to our journey as a follower of Jesus? Outdoor recreation helps us break the habit of making excuses.

5 Ways the Bible Promotes a Lifestyle of Outdoor Adventure

Whether you are able-bodied, illiterate, blind, deaf, or mute… everyone can experience the awe-inspiring aspects of God’s intelligent design in His Creation. My story begins with growing up in the mountains of Colorado roaming the forest at age five and going on multi-day backpacking trips at age 12.

Coat of Many Feathers | Comfort Zone, Courage, & Outdoor Gear?

Outdoor Gear Can be a Metaphor to Teaches Us to Not Cling to our Comfort Zone: Life is dynamic–it has seasons, and change is unavoidable. In the wilderness you have to know when to use certain gear, and when to move on and reach for another piece of gear that fits the changing terrain or climate.

Why Men’s Ministry Needs Outdoor Adventure? An Inspiring Story

Later that evening, after dinner, I gathered the guys around the campfire on the canyon rim. I played some worship music on my CD player and instructed the guys to get comfortable and contemplate God’s presence as we gazed on the canyon in the setting sun. There’s no way to adequately describe that view at that time of day, brilliant, eye-popping, just awe inspiring!