Snowboard Technology and the Need for Outdoor Gear Innovation

When I started skiing in 1975, I could have never imagined the idea of snowboarding. But technology never ceases to amaze me. Snowboard technology in particular has revolutionized snow sports. Just look at how skis today are looking more and more like snowboards–tips are wider, shorter length is better, etc. Have you noticed that over […]

5 Questions that Focus the Scope of your Outdoor Ministry Marketing

Especially youth workers are discovering that outdoor ministry programs are cost-effective and incredibly fruitful for building relationships, presenting the Gospel, and helping young people grow deeper in their faith.

Why We Need Wilderness Areas? 50 State America’s Great Outdoors Report

Regardless of one’s views of conservation of natural resources, if one takes a bird’s eye view of God’s creation, it seems quite curious why God would create so much terrain that is virtually uninhabitable. Maybe it is because we need those places?

What Coaching Basketball Teaches me about Outdoor Ministry Soul Care

It’s easy to talk about generalities with people by encouraging them to “think positively”, or “believe in yourself”, or “overcome your fears”. Those are general things that most people know they “ought” to be doing. But are they game changers? I don’t think so. By contrast, a truly effective spiritual leader will seek to know the person, and their life situation like a coach knows his players and the game they are playing. Then he can offer game changing perspective. Caring for another person’s soul involves giving specific guidance. Much like players on the court battling for the ball against a team that wants to shut them down, in the spiritual journey everyone needs someone to coach them by offering specific words on target to the unique inner-workings of their soul.