Yesterday I had the opportunity to attempt a 16,000’ foot peak in Cotopaxi National Park in Ecuador with about 20 youth leaders from all over Latin America. It is freeing for me to admit that I reached my limit yesterday. In my pride I wish I could say that I had the energy and strength to bag that peak, but I didn’t. I couldn’t. You could stick a fork in me. I was baked.

Listen TODAY to Ashley Denton’s interview about Outdoor Leadership and How Jesus Used the Wilderness with His Disciples… Family Life Radio’s Kurt Goff did the interview…

Listen to my interview with Kurt Goff of Family Life Radio about my book on outdoor leadership and the ministry of Jesus. I discuss the biblical foundation for outdoor ministry and wilderness leadership. Click here to listen to the interview… Thanks for listening, Ashley Denton  

Christian Outdoor Leadership in Italy

A youthworker in Italy, shares how he was greatly “refreshed” by reading the book, Christian Outdoor Leadership….Since the book was written to be a cross-culturally relevant resource, it is great to hear feedback from folks who are doing youth work and wilderness ministry in other parts of the world.

Christian Outdoor Leadership in Mexico

I recently received some very encouraging words from a leader in Mexico who is developing Christian camping ministries to reach out to Mexican youth. Cliff’s insight brilliantly highlights the cross cultural relevance of outdoor adventure ministries.

Ashley Denton’s Book, Christian Outdoor Leadership, is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon!

To buy the book just click here.  I hope you enjoy the book!  And if you would like to help get the word out, you can simply copy this URL:,  and paste into your Facebook or Twitter status update and it will go out to all of your friends.  Thank you for your support.  […]

Denver Seminary Outdoor Leadership Concentration | Cultural Contexts

Click Here to view Denver Seminary Outdoor Leadership Concentration Course Syllabus and Reading List for OL 602 Adventure Ministry in Cross-Cultural Contexts, Dr. Ashley Denton, professor…

Timothy Tennent of Asbury Seminary Endorses Denton’s Book

After spending five years working on this book I am encouraged that others are seeing the need for what I’m writing about.  I’m really grateful for Dr. Timothy C. Tennent’s recent endorsement of my book.  Timothy Tennent is the author of Christianity at the Religious Roundtable: Evangelicalism in Conversation with Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam, and […]