Most Under-Estimated Benefit of Outdoor Ministry | Time for Evangelism

There are many styles of evangelism, none of which is the “right way”. But one thing is for certain… in wilderness ministry you never have to resort to a hit-and-run style of evangelism. You have plenty of time to ask questions, get to know other people’s views, and then take opportunities to share your own testimony after you have won the right to be heard.

Snowboard Technology and the Need for Outdoor Gear Innovation

When I started skiing in 1975, I could have never imagined the idea of snowboarding. But technology never ceases to amaze me. Snowboard technology in particular has revolutionized snow sports. Just look at how skis today are looking more and more like snowboards–tips are wider, shorter length is better, etc. Have you noticed that over […]

Outdoor Ministry in Latin America

For several years we’ve been praying for the right timing and a good open door for Wilderness Ministry Institute to begin investing in young leaders in Latin and South America.  This year we finally saw an opening to pursue in Costa Rica. Christian Camping International (CCI) has been developing a vibrant network of over 200 […]

Outdoor Ministry in Czech Republic | Video

Given the history of Czech Republic and the fact that it is considered the most athiestic country in the world, it is amazing to see how God is drawing young people to Christ through this incredibly well-organized outdoor adventure camping ministry.

Outdoor Ministry With Nepali Youth

Video by Thomas Haines Outdoor Ministry as a Mission Strategy?  An interview with a catalytic Nepali youthworker on “The Challenges and Opportunities of Youth Work in the Buddhist/ Hindu Religious Context of Nepal” (Hom Tamang is a Nepali youthworker and the director of Nepal Outdoor Adventure (NOA), a micro-enterprise mission project of Wilderness Ministry Institute.  […]

Wilderness Ministry Institute Partners w/ Wide Open Spaces in New Zealand

Wide Open Spaces New Zealand is an outdoor ministry which began in New Zealand with the vision to take young people out into the bush of New Zealand for the purpose of helping the connect with Jesus Christ through His Creation.  This December, Jon Hoppin and Kathleen McCormack of WMI were privileged to partner with […]

Christian Outdoor Leadership in Italy

A youthworker in Italy, shares how he was greatly “refreshed” by reading the book, Christian Outdoor Leadership….Since the book was written to be a cross-culturally relevant resource, it is great to hear feedback from folks who are doing youth work and wilderness ministry in other parts of the world.

Christian Outdoor Leadership in Mexico

I recently received some very encouraging words from a leader in Mexico who is developing Christian camping ministries to reach out to Mexican youth. Cliff’s insight brilliantly highlights the cross cultural relevance of outdoor adventure ministries.