This is where I first realized the overwhelming factor of the outdoors is the SCALE! Everything where we live, cities, etc, is human scale…3 ft. wide doors, steps to accommodate human foot traffic, 8 ft. ceilings. All of this human engineering gives me the idea that I’m in charge of this human scale world and my human scale problems then become giant.

Blessing Underprivileged People w/ Outdoor Adventures | Men’s Ministry

A monumental task. A dream come true. An example of brotherhood… of courage… of bravery. A monumental task. A dream come true. An example of brotherhood… of courage… of bravery. This video is about “Team Alex” – a men’s ministry that sacrificed their hike to get a 14 year old w/ cerebral palsy to the top of one of Colorado’s Fourteeners.

Blinded by Good Intentions | Men’s Ministry Ideas & Outdoor Adventure

My friend Steve White writes about how God used time in the wilderness to show him that all his life he had been a workaholic. His wounds made him aloof to the needs of his wife and children, and ultimately led his family to a complete train wreck. In Steve’s words, the reason why his family went through such brokenness was because as a man, he had spent most of his adult life, “Blinded by Good Intentions.” If you are looking for men’s ministry ideas or inspiration to start a men’s ministry, this is a good place to start. Steve gave me permission to share a few excerpts from his book, “Blinded by Good Intentions”.

Why Men’s Ministry Needs Outdoor Adventure? An Inspiring Story

Later that evening, after dinner, I gathered the guys around the campfire on the canyon rim. I played some worship music on my CD player and instructed the guys to get comfortable and contemplate God’s presence as we gazed on the canyon in the setting sun. There’s no way to adequately describe that view at that time of day, brilliant, eye-popping, just awe inspiring!