Dilemma: Many Outdoor Facilitators – Too Few Outdoor Ministry Builders

I love the concept of “facilitation” in outdoor ministry because it represents an important skill that helps people get the most out of an experience. Yet how many of these “facilitators” would actually impact more people if they transitioned from a season of “facilitation” and embarked into a season of “initiation?”


If you ever feel tempted to believe that you can’t make a difference, or that your vote doesn’t count, consider a story from the 4th century about a Monk named, Telemachus. His courageous and selfless act forever changed a culture.

Every Frodo Needs a Sam | In Memory of Sam Sinclair

Sam has left a legacy of relationships. He somehow learned early on that what matters most in life is relationships. He reminds me of Samwise Gamgee of the Lord of the Rings. He was Frodo’s most loyal friend and encourager. And Frodo could not have carried the burden of his calling without his good friend, Sam’s support. I think many today would say the same thing about Sam Sinclair. He was a loyal companion to so many.