I have the privilege to partner with many incredible outdoor adventures ministries all over the world. This month we are hoping hundreds of like-minded friends will help us get behind Joca and his sand boarding ministry (called Inca Thakhi) that works with very poor young people in Peru. Inca Thakhi is dedicated to sharing the Gospel with young people through sand boarding. In order to celebrate our new WMI logo (which Joca designed) we are printing T-shirts and giving them to anyone who makes a donation to WMI on behalf of Inca Thakhi.


Yesterday I had the opportunity to attempt a 16,000’ foot peak in Cotopaxi National Park in Ecuador with about 20 youth leaders from all over Latin America. It is freeing for me to admit that I reached my limit yesterday. In my pride I wish I could say that I had the energy and strength to bag that peak, but I didn’t. I couldn’t. You could stick a fork in me. I was baked.

Outdoor Leadership as Mission | Where Outdoor Ministry is Going Today?

Outdoor leadership and adventure camping are becoming more common tools for ministries in a wide representation of countries. My blog continues to look at some of the rationale behind why I believe outdoor leadership is a vital tool for missions in the years to come.

Best Ever Outdoor Ministry Fundraisers? My Choice is Project 54

Project 54 is the coolest fund raiser I’ve ever seen. On one day (the last Saturday of August) climbers summit all 54 fourteeners in Colorado to raise funds to provide gear and outdoor leadership training for outdoor ministry programs all around the world, including dozens of countries in the Developing World.

Does Jesus Paint in Green? The Aurora Borealis, & Colossians 1:15-20

Instead of watching Bob Ross on PBS paint wilderness landscapes, now I’m watching Jesus paint the skies in green brush strokes with a splash of solar particles hitting the northern pole of our globe!

Do Wilderness Experiences Foster Resilience? | A Lesson from Kiwis

We shouldn’t be surprised by trials, we need to expect them…. And trials can be a catalyst for creativity and ingenuity. The wilderness is a perfect environment for ingenuity and improvisation to occur. When problems arise, natural leaders step up and start to unify the group and offer practical solutions.

Experiencing God in the Wilderness | V.I.S.I.O.N. Bible Study Method

Experiencing God in the Wilderness Through Fresh Bible Study “Awake My Soul” – Mumford and Sons POKHARA, Nepal  (April 8, 2011) – I’ve been traveling to Nepal for the past six years helping develop local youth work and outdoor ministry in the city of Pokhara. Many people go to Nepal to experience God, and I […]