Don’t Whine, Just Adapt | How the Outdoors Teaches Us Adaptation

True leaders adapt when the conditions change. Leaders rise up when adaptation is needed. They don’t whine about their limitations, lack of resources or support. They just adapt. Jesus modeled adaptation in the Last Supper scene when it became apparent to him from the Father that his time on earth was coming to a close, and his mission would soon be coming to an end on the cross….

The 10 Tent Stakes of Our Worldview | Lessons from the Wilderness

I love opening up the door to my tent in the early hours of the morning after a good night sleep. As I unzip the door, who knows what I will see: A stunning sunrise, an unsuspecting moose just minding his own business in the marsh below my camp, or a thick fog hanging over the valley below as I peer out from the vista of my alpine bivvy. Like the view from my tent, I also wake up each day with a view of the world that is based upon my knowledge, beliefs, and experiences.

4 Ways Time Outdoors Can Expose the Worldview of Jesus

Ironically, Albert Einstein wrote: “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” Jesus artfully poured a solid foundation for his disciples to build his church upon. And he often taught & modeled his worldview in the outdoors.

Stairway to Heaven | How Faith is Like Climbing with Your Legs

In the wilderness, I encourage new climbers to look at the rock in a slightly different way. If they climb with their feet taking small steps of faith up the wall using their hands for balance (rather than brute strength) its easier to climb on.

5 Ways the Bible Promotes a Lifestyle of Outdoor Adventure

Whether you are able-bodied, illiterate, blind, deaf, or mute… everyone can experience the awe-inspiring aspects of God’s intelligent design in His Creation. My story begins with growing up in the mountains of Colorado roaming the forest at age five and going on multi-day backpacking trips at age 12.

7 Ways Adventure Racing Models God’s Design for Relationships

I think I know why adventure racing is gaining such popularity. I love the adventure aspect of the races but even more than that, I love what these races teach me about relationships.

Outdoor Illustrations for “Death to Self”: Dry Streams + Dead Branches

Spending time in the outdoors is an incredibly eye-opening experience in that God’s Creation is full of illustrations that can teach us about deep spiritual realities. This reflection highlights two very common outdoor illustrations: 1) dried-up intermittent streams, and 2) dead branches.

When Hiking Steep Heinous Terrain Opens the Eyes of the Heart

How easy it is to cut corners in life. The same is true in our spiritual journey. When approaching difficulty in your walk with God, don’t fall prey to these two temptations: 1) giving up and heading back to previous comforts, or 2) hiking straight up the hill in your own strength.