Hundreds of Things Experiential Learning Teachers Can Learn from the Way Jesus Taught

Why to so few experiential learning educators look to Jesus’ as a model experiential educator? This is like taking William Shakespeare or Charles Dickens out of an English Literature course. It can be compared to MBA program not mentioning Steve Jobs or Peter Drucker. For experiential learning advocates and outdoor education specialists, trying to avoid looking at Jesus as a model master teacher is just as ill-informed as an architecture professor neglecting to draw attention to Frank Lloyd Wright or Fredrick Law Olmsted. I believe that Jesus is not often mentioned as a master experiential learning educator because of an inadequate awareness of the facts.

You Can Drastically Improve Small Group Discussion Questions by Using the VISION Inductive Bible Study Method

photo by Anthony Testa

The wilderness is a great leveler that will prepare people to open up. But you don’t wake up one day and automatically know how to facilitate discussions with a diverse group of people. If you want your group to discover the meaning of a biblical text and apply it to their lives without you spoon-feeding them, then the soft skill of writing well-crafted questions is a must.

This Fall some Colorado Christian University students went backpacking over the Four Pass Loop near Maroon Bells in the Snowmass Wilderness. This video is full of great wilderness quotes from the Bible that will inspire and encourage you. Jim Doenges, the director of CCU’s Outdoor Leadership Program is providing students with the skills to lead others outdoors as well as the experience to understand their need for solitude with Jesus in the outdoors.

Quiet Time Questions for a Mountain Top Experience (Luke 9:18-36)

The perspective you gain from a mountain top experience can help you when you walk through some of the more difficult ravines of my normal daily routine—in the valley below. Have you ever observed that hardly anything lives on the mountaintop? This is because the environment is too harsh for creatures to thrive. Life is lived in the valley 24/7 but God knows that we need mountain top experiences from time to time to carve landmarks of perspective into our memory, which can fuel new hope as we journey in the valleys below. Here’s how…

Wilderness Counseling: What Teenagers Want in a Relationship

Teenagers are so distracted these days and have so much information to process. Yet many of them lack having a loving adult (who has their best interest in mind) help them think through God’s design for relationships. Outdoor ministry provides opportunity for these conversations.

Great Outdoor Facilitation Doesn’t Do These Things…

Outdoor facilitation is key to making any kind of expedition successful. Communicating to people on matters of safety, fun, and spiritual content absolutely must happen in wilderness ministry. The goal of facilitation is not to just get people to sit still until you are finished talking. You want to impact them and help them grow. […]

Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries (SROM) – Wilderness Ministry Video

I recently was reflecting on the need for more compelling videos on wilderness ministry to help people see the value in taking off a few days to encounter Jesus in the wilderness. I wrote this post: A Friendly (and desperately needed) Outdoor Ministry Video Competition, and SROM took me up on it. Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries is one of the organizations on my Recommended Outdoor Programs List and they have produced a short video that has some great footage you may want to check out. Enjoy!


Do You Notice Signs of the Seasons Changing? Jesus Used Seasonal Change to Show How He Fulfilled These 3 Signs of Epic Spiritual Change

Jim Doenges with CCU students at Maroon Bells

Like everything in nature, God has woven mysteriously into the fabric of Creation millions of metaphors that are meant to point us to him. Seasonal change is one of the big ones. In Luke 12:54-56, Jesus used the signs of seasonal change to point to himself as the Savior of the world.