Mongolia outdoor ministry 200pxWhat are some of the funnest things you’ve ever done on a backpacking trip?

Sometimes I just plain run of out new ideas for fun stuff to do with groups out in the wilderness. Will you please take a couple of minutes and share funnest stuff you’ve done on a backpacking trip?

It’ll only take a couple of minutes to just scroll down and fill out the survey below. We’ll share the results so that everyone can get some fresh ideas. Thanks!

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Wilderness Quotes #1 | Outdoor Ministry Curriculum

Sometimes while you are hiking along or paddling for a destination, the journey can get a little monotonous. Sharing pithy quotes with the person near you or with the whole group can be a great way to help people get their mind off of the pain or monotony of the journey and onto things of substance. Here are a few quotes to get you started. If you have any great quotes you like to use on your outdoor adventure trips, please comment below and share them with others to enjoy!

Creative Group Activities #1 | Outdoor Ministry Curriculum

When you are leading others in the outdoors, you have a lot of time to work with to grow deeper in relationships. Outdoor ministry curriculum covers a wide range of topics. Here are a few specific ideas of how to use your time well to build community on your trip

Why We Need Wilderness Areas? 50 State America’s Great Outdoors Report

Regardless of one’s views of conservation of natural resources, if one takes a bird’s eye view of God’s creation, it seems quite curious why God would create so much terrain that is virtually uninhabitable. Maybe it is because we need those places?